To make learning more collaborative and engaging for students around the world.

What we believe

  1. Solve for the student first.
  2. Learning is so much better when you’re not on your own. No student should feel stuck.
  3. Students deserve amazing feedback that shows them how to improve.
  4. Technology should be there to boost learning opportunities and provide new opportunities for learning - not just digitize what would have been done on paper.
  5. Build it simple, yet powerful.

A letter from our CEO

Hi there - welcome to Chalkup,

So you might want to call Chalkup a “learning management system” because we do all of the things that LMSs do. Okay, fine. But we have to tell you: we hate learning management systems.

We don’t think education is something that should be “managed” and that’s not how we designed Chalkup. Instead, we call ourselves a “class collaboration platform,” because that’s what we’re all about: connecting classrooms, sparking collaboration, and finding new and innovative ways to work together.

(Fun story: Chalkup was founded in a dorm room in 2013 when we were frustrated by the lack of collaboration functionality in our school's technology. We got a team together and made our own system, which focused on class discussion, resource sharing, and connecting students. Bam. Chalkup was born.)

So as you start to learn about our platform and engage with the Chalkup community, we hope you’ll forget what you know about learning management and find new ways to engage your class. Our team is thrilled to get you started.

Chalkup CEO

Happy learning,

Justin Chando, Founder & CEO

Educator Advisory Board

Kelsey Vrooman

Director of Instructional Design & Technology, National Association of Independent Schools

Adam Jones

Director of Educational Technology,
Teacher, Proctor Academy

Silvio DeCristofano

MS Educational Technology,
Point Pleasant Beach Schools

Athit Farias

Instructional Tech Specialist,
Sharyland ISD

Katie Henderson

Hollis-Brookline High School

Matt East

East Coweta Schools