Chalkup + Google Apps for Education

The simple, easy, but powerful way to use Google in the classroom.

Grading your class assignments

Using Google Drive should be easy in your class.

Sharing files and resources with your students should be simple. On Chalkup, it’s as easy as choosing a file from your Google Drive and we handle the file permissions in the background. Your students still have the ability to collaborate inside Drive by saving a copy to their Drive.

The best way for students to turn-in Google Drive files.

You want your students to use the power of collaborating in Google Drive, but turning in the final file is often difficult. Using shared folders, Google Forms, or scripts is all too complicated. That’s why we developed the Chalkup Google Integration. Students submit Google Drive files for grading, and it all stays organized in the robust Chalkup gradebook.

Pick a Google Drive File and upload to Chalkup

Finally, a way to annotate on Google Drive files

When your students submit their files for Grading, the teacher is able to comment, draw, and highlight right on the file all using our MarkUp annotator. Students can always submit additional versions of the file.

Grading your class assignments

Grade Google Drive files using a Rubric.

Rubrics are now an incredibly easy way to accurately assess and grade student assignments and projects. We’ve integrated Rubrics into Chalkup, which means you can grade students' Google Drive submissions using a Rubric.

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Google Drive Analytics

Analyze your school’s Google Drive Usage in Chalkup.

In Chalkup PRO, a school administrator can accurately track the school’s usage of Google Drive as well as a multitude of other key metrics inside Chalkup.

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