Chalkup is joining Microsoft Education!

February 13, 2018

What an amazing journey it’s been. Back in 2013, we started Chalkup to help make learning more collaborative and engaging for students around the world. Since then, educators & students from 1 in 3 universities and 1 in 5 high schools in the United States have used the Chalkup Class Collaboration Platform to engage and connect with their classes.

We are incredibly proud of the products we have built and grateful to our community of passionate educators for their support. Now, we're thrilled to be joining forces with Microsoft to continue our shared mission of helping every student and educator on the planet achieve more.

Our future

Chalkup and Microsoft share a profound vision for collaboration in the classroom. In spending time with the amazing Microsoft Education team, it was clear we were completely aligned in our mission for connecting classrooms, sparking collaboration/student engagement, and finding new and innovative ways to work together.

If you’ve liked using Chalkup, we think you’ll love Microsoft Teams for Education. Microsoft Teams shares many of the same principles for collaborative learning as Chalkup and includes seamless class discussions, chat, and integrated assignments and grading functionality. Also included is Microsoft Learning Tools which are free tools that implement proven techniques to improve reading and writing for students regardless of their age or ability.

Chalkup users can sign up for Microsoft Teams, which is part of Office 365 for Education and free to all schools worldwide.

Bringing the best of Chalkup to Microsoft Teams

In the coming months, we’ll work hand in hand with educators and students to bring more of your favorite elements of Chalkup into the Microsoft Teams experience.

One of Chalkup's most loved features is our criteria-based grading rubrics used to share transparent feedback with students. We're excited to announce that we'll be bringing rubrics to Microsoft Teams in the coming months. Together we'll be working hard to include more of the best parts of Chalkup into Microsoft Teams and we welcome your feedback!

What will happen to my Chalkup courses?

Today nothing will change, teachers will be able to run their current Chalkup courses for the rest of the school year until Chalkup shuts down at the end of June. We’ll soon give you the ability to export your course information and provide an easy transition path to Microsoft Teams.

Chalkup will be ending services on June 30, 2018 so we can focus all our efforts on building amazing Microsoft Education products. As of today, we are no longer accepting new teacher signups.

Read our help article to learn how to switch to Microsoft Teams.

Thank you

Personally, it has been the privilege of a lifetime to work hand in hand with thousands of educators and students to build Chalkup. We love our customers and are excited to continue to offer world-class collaborative learning products to all of you in this next chapter.

I'd like to thank you all for being a part of this adventure with us! You can read more about today’s announcement on Microsoft’s blog.

Chalkup CEO
Justin Chando,
Co-Founder & CEO