Upgrade your whole school. Get enterprise-grade features to power learning school-wide.

Upgrade your school to a single, robust learning platform

Data Imports.

You give us info on your classes and enrollments and we'll take care of the rest. This means you can turn Chalkup on faster than any other learning management system.


Make data-driven decisions fueled by our powerful analytics dashboard. We’ll give you a bird’s-eye view of how students and teachers are using Chalkup.

Message Instantly

Safely connect with your entire community. Admins on Chalkup Pro can send messages to students, faculty, and parents. Everyone gets notified. Your school stays connected.

School Messaging
Parent look ahead

Parent Access

If you’re a K-12 school, parents are part of your community.

That’s why we built a system that allows them to see upcoming assignments and grades for their children, keeping them in the loop and everyone on the same page.

Gone Google? We have.

If you’ve already set up Google Apps for Education in your school, setting up Chalkup will be a breeze.

Your teachers and students will use their same login credentials and can access everything in their Google Drive. As a Chalkup Pro school, you’ll also be able to see how classes are using Drive across your domain.

Google Apps Chalkup
Chalkup Pro on Desktop and Mobile

What else is included?

You’ll get all the benefits of Chalkup, plus unlimited courses and file storage, enterprise-grade security with SSL, and apps for iPhone and iPad. You’ll also get...

Data Management

Pro admins can switch up user and course information at anytime. Add new users, change enrollments, or edit info.

Custom Branded Login

Your school logo and custom URL. Why? Because your school is awesome. And you should remember that every time you log in.

Super Admins

Admins can see all users and courses in the organization and join any courses they want.

99.9% Uptime

Sleep is important. And you won’t lose any once you know that Chalkup is available to your teachers and students around the clock.

Awesome Support

You’ll have a personal support rep for one-on-one help and coaching so you can get the most out of your Pro experience.

Advisor Mode Coming Soon

Make room for all the unique positions - tutors, aids, counselors - in your school with advisor mode so they can provide support, where needed.

Common Questions

Does Chalkup have a cost?

Chalkup’s core product is free for teachers and students and always will be.

Pro is when you decide to power up and connect your whole school on Chalkup - which includes taking advantage of our management, messaging tools, analytics, and so much more - awesomeness. We charge per student on a yearly basis. Contact us for a custom quote for your school.

How long does it take to implement?

We’re ready to turn Chalkup on tomorrow at your school. That’s the beauty. All we need from you is info on your students, courses, and enrollments. From there, we’ll get the data import rolling.

Learn more about the data import

What do I get with the Pro version that I do not with the free version?

Lots. Chalkup Pro goes from connecting a single classroom to an entire community of teachers, students, parents, and administrators.

This includes school-wide messaging functions, analytics to measure class engagement, parent access, advanced tools for advisors to monitor student workload, and a personalized support representative to make sure there’s always a friendly techie ready to answer your questions.

What do we do if we need help?

The Chalkup support team is on standby 24/7 for all of our beautiful users.

As a Chalkup Pro school, you’ll have a personal support rep assigned to you for one-on-one help and coaching so you can get the most out of your Pro experience.

What is the billing structure?

We’re ready to turn Chalkup on when you are. You’ll pay once a year and can turn it off whenever you need to. And don’t sweat it. If you add a few new users during the year, you won’t be charged for them until your next billing period.

What are Chalkup’s security and privacy policies?

Yes yes yes. Beyond being signatory to the Student Privacy Pledge, we have a handful of policies and procedures in place to make school your school is connected and your data is safe.

  • To ensure privacy and security, we use HTTPS for all communication and encrypt inbound/outbound traffic using 128-bit TLS/SSL.
  • Data is backed up daily by Chalkup.
  • We update automatically, so any updates will always be available.
  • We use a stable, secure, geographically diverse cloud-based platform (Amazon Web Services) for our data centers.
  • Proud to say that we have >99.9% uptime. Incidents are always reported.

Do you have an API?

You bet we do. Get in touch for more info.

Why are you called a “class collaboration platform”?

So glad you asked. We think that learning management systems needed a major update. Actually, we think that learning isn’t something that should be “managed.”

That’s why Chalkup is dedicated to connecting students and creating opportunities for collaboration. Our platform is optimized for sharing resources and class discussion.

Besides - would you rather use a class collaboration platform or a learning management system? That’s what we thought.

How do I access Chalkup analytics?

When you go Pro, your admin dashboard will give you access to analytics that show you how many assignments are being created, the number of resources that have been shared, what your Google Drive usage looks like, etc.

Analytics are not available in the free version of Chalkup.

What additional features are available for parents?

Parents will be able to get an overview of what’s happening in their student’s school life through access to upcoming assignments and grades. All they need to get started is their Parent Access Code for each of their children.

They’ll also be able to receive school-wide updates through our Pro messaging system.

Ready to upgrade?

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