The Student Engagement Platform (SEP)

The next generation, students-first learning platform.

Students first.

We want to transform the learning experience, so that students can be more engaged and enjoy learning. We're not focused as much on learning management - makes sense right?

So long, LMS

We believe the natural progression from a Learning Management System (LMS) is to a new Student Engagement Platform (SEP). A SEP is a beautiful, simple, and more engaging learning platform for students. It is a learning environment that fosters real-time school-work collaboration, learning, and studying.


We want students to perform better, and therefore let teachers be more successful. Having fewer students that aren’t as bored in and out of class, means that they will be able to be better lifetime learners, get better grades, get into better colleges, etc. Likewise, teachers get the recognition they deserve.

Big problem, big vision.

Kids are bored today in school, we know it. We want students to be involved in their learning process, so in the Student Engagement Platform, students can ask questions, discuss & share interesting educational content, and work with each other. We have a big vision for the future in order to transform the learning experience.

Simple solution.

We built a platform that makes it really easy for students and teachers to collaborate, share, and stay connected with their class. We really care about the student learning experience. That’s what we’re focused on, first and foremost.

The basics are beautiful.

It all started with simplifying the user experience - something new, but already familiar. That’s what Chalkup does well, and that’s what we strive to do even better in the future.