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Here’s what our educators have to say about using Chalkup in their classroom.

Chalkup’s powerful discussion features, and intuitive design make it the best choice for meaningful student engagement.

Adam, Proctor Academy

We’re using Chalkup together this semester, and we're all liking it a lot. No issues getting anyone in, and the Google Docs integration has been great. Thanks, I'm really enjoying the software!!

Matt, Ithaca College

You make my job easier and help keep my students engaged. I love your program.

Kim, Oak Hill High

I absolutely love Chalkup. One of my favorite academic tools. I'm so happy that the the customer service is just as amazing as the site. Thanks for creating a wonderful tool.

Christine, Foxborough Regional

Our students love Chalkup. It keeps them digitally organized in a way they never have before and expands their ability to interact with teachers and classmates.

Steve, The San Francisco School

I'm using Chalkup for the first time this year and I find it very good. Well organized, excellent design, easy to use. Thank you and congratulations for such a good app.

João, Colégio Paulo VI

I love this platform. My students are loving it!

Dan, St. Augustine School

What I love best about Chalkup is the ease to create a class that looks clean and beautiful! I recently used Chalkup over Edmodo and LOVED it. Good features, easy to use, looks clean, Google integration. Thanks for the great tool! #ImAFan

Amy, Mentor High School

It’s so much better than anything else I’ve used.

Joel, The Hague University

Chalkup is a rock'n product with a very professional and responsive staff.

Chris, F.Z. Zumalt South Middle

We are moving to a 1:1 iPad environment, and we really like Chalkup.

Stephanie, Lexington High

Grading online was a breeze, and I preferred it to grading paper copies for the first time ever! It allowed instant feedback to the students. Also, the rubrics were a really nice tool. I think the features are a huge upgrade to Moodle and are very easy to use.

Valerie, Saint Norbert College

Very nice app, I love it! Congrats.

Marco, Centre de Formation Lucien Huss

I'm hooked! Moving away from Google classroom to Chalkup.

Mike, Rochester City Schools

I find the platform really clean and effective. The school already provides a similar tool. However, I prefer to use Chalkup and even mentioned it to my colleagues.

Mat, São Francisco de Assis

Chalkup allows me to be flexible and quickly make changes that I might not be able to do with a paper assessment.

Lindsay, North Olmsted Middle

Chalkup's functionality and intuitiveness is what sets it apart.

Louis, Elizabeth High

Really excited that I'm working with this tool (I'm a teacher in Belgium). The kids love it too.

Roseland, Rozenberg S.O.

[Chalkup] is pretty awesome - almost too good.

Marc, Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

I have told a few other teachers on campus about Chalkup. Keep up the great work!

Quinn, Dinuba School

I'm trying Chalkup and I totally love it! A nice education tool to promote learning and collaboration.

Marc, Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

Even easier than expected, it's great!

Edward, Larson Training School

I've been using this awesome management system for my writing classes! Love it!

Toshinobu, Kumamoto University

Chalkup is lightweight, and a Google integration that's not scary!

Dan, Citrus Springs Middle School

The rubric feature is amazing!

Jennifer, Rice Middle

The rare LMS designed for ease of use, and it doesn't sacrifice functionality with tons of opportunities to maximize learning, collaboration, and organization.

Kirstin, Cabell Midland High School

If you're not using Chalkup you're not working smart enough.

Joel, Haywood High School

I particularly love the design of Chalkup.

Tim, Yeadon Sailing School

This mom LOVES Chalkup instead of wading through my kid's hit or miss chaos ridden homework folder.

Mary, Mother

I'm really loving the annotations feature on Chalkup!


Just discovered Chalkup!!! Color me impressed!!!

Erin, Lancaster High School

An elegant alternative to Google and comes with rubrics - no need for Flubaroo!

Cathy, Moorlands School

Thanks, guys! The app is really polished! Nice work! Love the features.

Jesstern, Ministry of Education Singapore

Looking for a good way to grade and annotate Google Drive files? Chalkup!

Jennifer, James Madison University

Chalkup rules!

Donna, Monroe High School

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