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Chalkup is where learning happens. The space for academic discussions, resource sharing, assignments, and grading. All in one.

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Where class conversations turn into learning opportunities.

Your class is a community. Ask questions, collaborate on files, conduct polls, and comment on anything.

Learning Tasks

With assignments, you can include all the information and resources your students need to get their work done. Students easily submit their work back for grading.

Your own materials library.

Share those lecture slides, Google Docs, or create a folder full of links and videos. Your students will know exactly where to find their course resources.

Materials tab on Chalkup

Grading, the easy way.

Evaluate student work paperlessly and send great feedback to your students. Leave your red pen behind.

Google + Chalkup, built to work together.

Google is an important part of your workflow, so Chalkup makes it easy to share and grade Google Drive files (with rubrics). No weird workarounds. No extra steps.

Rubrics. A smarter way to leave feedback.

Grading with a paper rubric is a pain. But, on Chalkup, it's a total breeze. You'll look like a rockstar when your students get more personalized, transparent feedback.

Message your class.

Forget to tell your class something, or just need to clarify? Send messages to students from any device.

Smart workload predictions.

Chalkup's unique workload estimator calculates how much time students should be spending on learning tasks. Why? Because students are busier than ever.

Chalkup for iOS

Learning can happen anywhere.

The brightest learning platform yet.

Here's everything Chalkup can do for your classroom.

Core Functions


Real-time stream of what’s happening across all courses.


Your hub for course conversations.


All the work you’ve assigned in one place.


Home to your electronic grade book.


Build a resource library to accompany your course.


View all students in your class or send a quick message.

Productivity and Workload Management


Students can see each assignment on their plate.

Personal Tasks

Add custom tasks to round out your to-do list.

School Calendar

Map out tasks and assignments on one master calendar.

Workload Estimator

Students see how much work they have each day/week.


Get notified and stay organized with reminders.



Connect instantly through safe, simple conversation.

Assignment & File Comments

Everything - every file shared, assignment graded, link posted - can be discussed.

Class Chat

Send out class-wide reminders or have a study-session.


Quickly poll your class and discuss the results.

Trending Discussions

The latest responses from course conversations.


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