How do you Chalkup?

Chalkup is a space for academic discussion, resource sharing, assignments, and grading. All in one place. Here’s what’s included.

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Collaborate as a class.

Your class is a community. Ask questions, collaborate on files, conduct polls, and comment on anything.

Learning Tasks

Keep your students organized. Assignments include all the information and resources students need to get their work done. Students easily submit their work back for grading.

Course Materials. Shared.

On Chalkup, your students know exactly where to go find their stuff. Share those lecture slides, Google Docs, or create a folder full of links and videos. You name it. Keep it safe here.

Google Apps + Chalkup =

Share Google Drive files with your class and Chalkup manages the permissions for you. Grade those Google Docs submitted by students with inline annotations and rubrics. No weird workarounds. No extra steps.

Grading, the easy way.

Leave your red pen behind. Grade paperlessly and send great feedback to your students.

Rubrics. A smarter way to leave feedback.

Chalkup is hands-down the best way to manage your digital rubrics and save time grading.

Message your class.

Forget to tell your class something, or just need to clarify? Send messages to students from any device. Personalize communication and send to small groups or individuals.

Student workload predictions.

Students are busier than ever. That’s why we’re serious about building tools that support student time management. Just look at our workload estimator.

The best learning platform you’ve ever used is also free.

Join teachers from thousands of schools around the world that connect and engage with their classes on Chalkup.